Three More Tattoos

After my latest trip to Japan in November, I got three more tattoos. The area they cover is rather large, on my abdomen, approximately 64 square inches.

好き嫌いが多い私 (Sukikirai ga Ooi Watashi – I have a lot of likes and dislikes)
The Japanese text is a line form the song Gag 100 Kaibun Aishite Kudasai by Berryz Kobo. The Gag 100 PV was the first where I discovered Berryz, this line specifically is the first sung by Tokunaga Chinami. The song, the discovery, and the smiling girl mean a lot to me, and that line in particular is special.

Let’s doit Happytime
Text drawn up by Chinami from the fan club tour in October. Simply, the Happytime tattoo is representative of all the happy times I’ve had over the past few years, with Berryz, but also with friends, family and other relationships and experiences.

Daruma Doll
A [Japanese] symbol of good luck and has ties to Zen Buddhism. You fill in one eye as you set a goal and the Daruma is supposed to watch over you and make sure you stay on track to reach that goal. Unrelated to the Daruma itself, there is also some lose relation to the Care Bears with regards to this its placement. Located centered on my belly, this is my Belly Badge.

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