Postsecondary Experience in Writing

Education Level: Junior
College Major(s): Economics, Japanese Language and Literature

I spent my freshman and sophomore years of college at Bluegrass Community and Technical College before transferring to full time study here at the University of Kentucky. My focus during those two years was on general education requirements, but also preparation for continuing to study in business related fields. My freshman year I successfully completed ENG 101 and 102, receiving near perfect scores on each of my six major writing assignments for those classes. The following year I took a communications course, which focused on research, preparation and oral presentation. In that class too I was able to do very well in delivering clear and concise informational and persuasive presentations. The communication course incorporated the use of visual aides such as PowerPoint as well, which I was able to use efficiently.

Since transferring to the University of Kentucky I have focused more on my major course requirements in the areas of Japanese and economics. My Japanese culture courses have included major writing assignments in them, which again helped me to exercise my writing and research skill. One of the projects required critical report and review of two anthropological books, where another focused on incorporating original research on a comparative period in history into the written work. In both instances I was able to complete the assignments at a much higher than average capacity. On the side of economics, I took a business statistics class which required group research and written report collaboration. In the team-working environment, I was able to provide my fair share of data and assisted in report formation and editing, contributing to the overall success of the group.

Despite my academic achievement, I would have to say that my weaknesses revolve around the areas of initiative and leadership. I am more of a behind the scenes kind of guy. It can take me a while to get going on writing assignments; furthermore, it’s usually best if I am provided direction in terms of writing topics and assignments, and that it is not left up to me to make any final decisions with regards to projects. In any case, I can take those roles if need be, which makes me a great team player, but they are definitely not my strong suits.

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