Seven Years in Kentucky

It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. Or maybe I’ve just kinda lost track of time, it’s all sort of blending together. This past year I can say however, has been pretty awesome.


Well, I graduated in May. That is, I completed my Associate’s in Arts degree. With “High Distinction;” inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa International Honors Society; maintained a 4.0 GPA; accepted a scholarship to the University of Kentucky. Wow, things can only go down from there, lol. But I guess I can be proud of my accomplishments, yes, without sounding too braggart about it. I’m still pretty chronic on the procrastination front, and now at UK, that’s starting to catch up to me a bit. Still, I’m enjoying the overall experience of learning, regardless of how well, what grades and such I get in my classes.

Uncertain of where this education is going to take me, I think I’m starting to form at least some sort of a picture of where I’d like to end up. No real attachment to the outcome, but I’ve got some ideas in mind that I’d like to solidify and start to take action on over the next year.


Right after graduating, I hopped on a plane to Japan and had the grandest time. Over the past year I’ve been back a total of four times and it never gets old. Something new to see and do each time, and even some of the old stuff, I guess I could say, has started to feel new again. Kyoto was memorable for quite a few reasons. I really enjoyed it. My last trip to Japan had me in Izu, where I visited an onsen for the first time. My next trip to Japan, well who knows when, but I’ll definitely be going back.

I’ll mention in passing, the current disaster in Japan. I some ways, I wish I was there now; to help. I don’t know.

Also included in my travels this year was a trip to Hawaii. That was a great time as well. I enjoyed swimming on the beaches and just the overall atmosphere. In April, I’ll be going to Sakura-con in Seattle. I’m really enjoying traveling and hope to continue to do so, off and on for the indefinite future.


No longer freelancing, I’ve accepted a position with the company I’ve been doing work for over the past couple of years. As a full time student, I’m keeping a busy schedule, but while I could be doing better, I think I’ve managed to handle both. I, for the most part, still enjoy doing what I’m doing. There are little times here and there where I really feel a sense of accomplishment, and that makes it worth it.


Nothing new really, read into that what you will, haha. That said, I’ve been working out and getting into a bit better shape. No drastic changes, but it’s noticeable.


What can I say, life’s good. There’s always going to be bumps and such, but me personally, I can’t really complain.

Oh, and as winter wraps up, I hadn’t thought we could top last years, but this year, the winter in Kentucky was pretty active. Add to that, driving through the blizzard when I was in New Your over Christmas break, and this winter truly has been an adventure. I love it.

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    • Cade says:

      Wishing nothing but happy thoughts for you!It can be scary – but you have the most positive attitude EVS(GHU!E!Rbtw: LOVE the socks! So sad I never got mine.)

  9. http://www./ says:

    I saw Adam (and the ants) when they came to Perth. First proper concert. Ha!Love your dress and floppy hat.Sounds like you've got a fun and dandy weekend ahead of you. And Curtise, you are a proper blogger, aren't you?

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  12. Soppan låter god!Kanske får vi trogna "läsare" ett litet recept! Du brukar ju ofta dela med dig av dina goda idéer, tips och recept. Trevligt!Ha det så bra ni kan. Du verkar ta hand om familjen på bästa sätt:)/Jeanette H.