Subtle Style Changes and the Jersey Shore

Got my ear(s) pierced a month ago. Had to have the one in the right ear removed tho, heh. Anyway, it looks good methinks. It doesn’t stand out too much and once it’s all healed up, I’ll have some creative options to swap it out with if I feel the desire to do so.

Bought a couple of rings. I had stopped wearing my ace of hearts ring some time ago, but these new ones are a little bit more stylish. I was thinking about getting a watch, necklace and a bracelet too… but in the end, figured that might be a bit too much. Tho I used to wear all that in middle and high school, small changes for now.

I’ve not got my new tattoos yet, but I do have some ideas for filling in the rest of my chest. I’ll continue to drum up and tweak the designs and will probably get something done before the spring.

Did a little shopping and bought some more abstract-ish t-shirts and button up long sleeve shirts. Nothing new really, it’s an continuation of the style I’ve been working with over the past year. With regards to how I’ve been wearing them, just an overall more relaxed look and feel.

What’s the Jersey Shore have to do with any of this? Well, I was working late one night and on TV they were running a marathon of the first season. I was casually watching it, and I kinda got hooked on it a little bit. I’m a people watcher yeah, and these are some interesting people to watch I guess. In any case, one thing that stood out to me was some of their style of clothing. Jeans and t-shirts, somewhat similar to what I’ve been wearing as of late. Basic stuff yeah. Add to that the fact that I’ve been lifting weights for a bit now, the parallel in that sense was kinda funny.

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