Work it Harder, Make it Better

Gotta start studying harder. Or, study at all. I’ve always been one to just go with the flow, kinda lazy, to just hope for the best; I’ve in the end, been pretty happy with all of my achievements and the outcomes of doing so. That said, I’m trying to motivate myself to work a bit harder. Not for others, not for better grades or what have you, but for me. There’d be a better sense of accomplishment if I were to actually put in some extra effort, even if the outcome isn’t “better” or whatever.

I’ve changed my major at the University of Kentucky, so now I’ll be majoring in both Japanese and Economics. I feel as if my Japanese isn’t up to par, even though I’ve been learning it for the past two years. So, that’s definitely an area I want to put more effort into. The changing in majors is also sort of a self-check on that. While changing it back is just as easy, and I had planed on sticking with learning Japanese for at least four years anyway, this gives me more pressure (incentive? hmm, who knows).

Economics is going all right. I’m taking the second of my required stats classes now, so things are more on the math side of things, which is my strong subject if you will. With switching to the Economics major I’ll have to take another math class, so while I had hoped to be done with math, gonna have to go back and pick up one more; hopefully shouldn’t be too bad. I’m looking forward to moving on to studying more advanced Economics theory over the next few years anyway.

Still not sure what my plans are after school, but with Japanese, Economics and 10 years of experience as a programmer/software developer, I’m sure I can figure something out. In any case, I’m learning Japanese and learning about Economics not with some specific goal in mind, only that it’s something I want to learn. More go with the flow rhetoric, yeah, whatever the outcome, I’ll continue to just follow my interests.

Do it Faster, Makes Us Stronger

So, I’ve been working out for a few months now, slowly increasing the lifting weight and making some pretty decent strength gains; along with that I’ve been walking a few miles to and from school, also riding my bike on occasion. Body recomposition, one can definitely tell that I’ve both gotten bigger and smaller, if that makes sense.

Visually, I’d say I’m still a bit of a teddy bear, tho physically perhaps, a little more intimidating, hmm. Hate to sound too vain… ah, I’m gonna stop myself there, hehe. Feels pretty good and I’m planning to stick to it.

No major fashion changes to round out the overall appearance change, tho I did buy a bunch of new clothes recently. Obviously I am putting some effort into all of this stuff, but to reiterate what I’ve been saying lately, I’ve been doing nothing other than being myself. The same person I’ve always been.