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New Tattoos

Ten years ago I got tattooed on my right arm, two Japanese kanji, representing fire and water. This was a symbol of discord, internal conflict; overt vs. covert, I vs. Me. The addition of the Zen symbol, Enso, a simple imperfect circle is a contrast to this discord, a sort of representation of harmony; a show of me, “becoming who I am,” living in the now. Yet all the while, putting forth an image of imperfection. Et cetera, et cetera…


Now, I’m no Zen practitioner, philosopher or the like, but over the past year I really have connected with it. Or to say it another way, I’ve connected more with myself. There are plenty of words to describe this connection and meaning, but the words aren’t needed, yeah. I’ll just let it speak for itself.


On my left arm is a totally new piece. There are a few levels of meaning on this one. For one, it is representative of my relationship with my sister. More than just a sister, she is a friend. A person I am very grateful to have in my life. The colors of the petals (though, the tattoo is in black and white) represent the Orange and Yellow of our childhood. On her right ankle she has a tattoo of a small sunflower; the sunflower on my arm is magnitudes bigger, I am her big brother after all. And finally, the position of the tattoo is opposite hers, this symbolizes the myriad of differences between the two of us.

A second meaning is tied to my travels to Japan and Hawaii this past August. In a way, it doesn’t seem like I’ve been to Japan four times over the past year, and is four times really a lot? Indeed it is. It is amazing that I am able to follow my passions as I have recently. I am very happy that I have been able to do so. My travels to The Land of the Rising Sun and the Sun shining down on the beaches of Hawaii are both represented by this sunflower.

Chinami Photo / Sunflower Drawing

On a last point of significance, as was with the tattoo that is positioned over my heart, this is another picture that was drawn by Chinami. Those two days in Hawaii where I got to meet, talk, and interact with Berryz, the special connections with Chinami were so great. Tho the setting of the meeting was Hawaii, each time I’ve come back from Japan I’ve said that the time spent has been the best time of my life, this is no exception.


I’ve got ideas on how I’d like to complete the whole chest / upper arm pieces, but I’m not rushing to get anything done at the moment. For the time being, this is a great point in my life that I will remember forever and always. Memorialized by these tattoos, not to cling to the past or to tell tales of what was, but as a part representation of the whole that I am today.

Solo Style: Shorts and T’s

So, I bought a bunch of t-shirts, similar in style to those that I got before I went to Japan last May. They’re kinda tight, form-fitting, but not overly so. To add, since i’ve been working out, I haven’t really lost (nor gained) any weight, as intended, but I have gotten a bit bigger. The fit of the shirts is a little bit different now; the sleeves fit pretty snugly around my arms for example.

I like the way it looks and I feel kinda cool / confident while still holding the appearance a guy who is friendly and approachable. I won’t call this my “teddy bear style,” but I think I’ll stick with it, until it starts getting cold out anyway.

Another note on confidence is when I was strolling the Hawaiian beaches, wearing the swim trunks I bought a few weeks ago. It’s not what I was wearing really, but it was a mental attitude. The whole style thing isn’t about impressing others or trying to be something that I’m not, consciously anyway, yeah. Me just being me, being comfortable with myself, it just felt right. Not that I worry much at all about what people think of my appearance anyway, but for some reason it bolstered a positive attitude out of me.

On a final point, I still haven’t completed any sort of design for the tattoo(s) I’ve been thinking about getting, but being in Hawaii has sparked an interest again. I really liked some the unique tribalesque styles I saw.