Half Way There

People in Lexington are said to “Bleed Blue,” whether they go to the college or not. I guess now tho, it’s official, as I went to an orientation and registered for my classes today at the University of Kentucky.

My general education requirements are pretty much behind me, so I’ll be taking mostly Japanese/Economics classes from here on out.

Advanced Japanese – I know this one is gonna be tough, going to get a head start and study a bit over the next couple months. Regardless of how good or bad I do, I still want to continue studying Japanese in a classroom environment, barring immersion, this keeps me on track.

Japanese Culture: Meiji to Present – I’ve heard that there’s a lot of reading that needs to be done for this course. R.E.A.D.I.N.G, ugh, lol. Some may have noticed actually, that I’ve read a few books over the past year, hmm. Ha. I don’t think this class will be too bad and Japanese culture holds great interest to me, so I’m sure I’ll put in extra effort on this one.

History: Japan at War – A special class being offered this semester. I’m really looking forward to this. My history class last spring briefly touched on the things that are to be talked about in this class, will be nice to go into more depth. Meiji Restoration, Sino-Japanese, Russo-Japanese and Asia-Pacific wars will be covered. Interesting stuff.

Economics and Business Statistics – I did well in the statistics class I took last year, tho it’s been a while. Not sure how math heavy this will be, hmm. I’m good at math, but as I mention sometimes, it’s not “fun.”

Two years left. It’ll be a challenge, but I’m up for it.