Six Years in Kentucky and the History of Asia

What can I say, the past year has been great. Hmm, it’s been more than great actually. Despite some personal annoyances, it’s been pretty smooth sailing.

Work wise, I continue with self-employment. I’ve been working on one project in particular that’s gotten streams of good reviews. I think I’ve mentioned to those involved already, I’m really thankful for all the opportunities Kentucky has offered me, past and present.

I’ve been a contributor over at International Wota since May. Or well, what started off as some consistent contributions has since dropped off significantly. I’m trying to get back into things without forcing myself, you know? Will see how that goes. Even with my inactivity and what not, I’m appreciative of the fact that I was accepted to the team.

Went to Japan twice; once in the summer and once in the fall. This is where the more than great parts of the year come into the picture. The highlight of the trips being the Hello! Project concert experiences, but even beyond that, it’s the whole history of the place, being immersed in the language and culture that I really enjoy.

School has been moving right along; I’m on track to get my AA degree this May and will be full time at the University of Kentucky in August to finish up my last two years. One thing I’ll need to be thinking about is what lies beyond that, what happens when school is done. As right now, I’m not completely sure, but I am confident that something good will come of it, if nothing more than a great learning experience.

Looking forward to the future!

History of Asia, 1800 – Present

I needed a Humanities course to fill my general education requirements and this class fit not only that, but will fit my major as well. Unfortunately BCTC didn’t offer the class and the class offered at UK didn’t fit my schedule, so I ended up taking this one online. I’ve got a little bit of experience with online classes actually, having completed a two year Graphic/Web Design program as well as taking some courses related to site design and e-commerce. I was a bit hesitant to go into online classes, but I wanted to finish up my Associate’s Degree this semester, so I fit it in. In addition to being online, it was also an 8-week course, so yeah, as of now it’s over and done with.

There were tests, readings, movies to watch, research and participation assignments, a lot packed in. The online nature is probably what made it feel less like a half semester course, as I could work at my own pace (waiting until the last minute for most of the things, but hey I got it done). The course was flexible enough also that I could somewhat focus the items I wanted write and learn about. Japan’s economy, Sensoji, Japanese curry, the Tokugawa Shogunate… and as I’ve done the past few semesters, I had to slip in a presentation about “wota” in there. The presentation conjured up a bit of discussion with other students, the teacher as well, which is always interesting to see peoples’ reactions to a subculture they may not be aware of.

Anyway, I ended up with an A in the class. History has always been a favorite subject of mine and I’m looking forward to taking a few more classes with regards to that.