Report Card – Semester Two

Well, I did better than I expected.

Psychology certainly was a good class. I ‘d perhaps like to minor in it, to get more into detail about some of the topics that were only briefly covered in the intro class. I’m a people watcher of sorts,  so a better understanding of the mind’s processes, peoples’ behavior and all other sorts of stuff has always been kinda interesting to me I think.

English and Reading were my worst classes in elementary, middle and high school, so when I scored 100% on my entrance exams last year I was a bit surprised. Then with English 101, I totally nailed that as well, averaging about a 95%. English 102 was even better, finishing at 97%. I did do some technical writing/editing for Macromedia (Adobe) years ago, but really I’m not sure where the ability came from. I guess as I’ve grown older, I’ve become less lazy with how I tackle things. I was able to put together some good stuff in high school, tho that was generally too sporadic to notice.

Japanese 102 was a little bit more rocky than 101, but I did well anyway. I’m definitely going to have to step it up for 201 though, I don’t think things will be as forgiving at the University of Kentucky as they have been here at BCTC. In any case, I’ll be spending a good chunk of my free time during the summer practicing this stuff to make sure I’ve got it all covered before the fall. Plus I want to make sure I’m in a more able state for my trip to Japan this July.

Public Speaking was a class I wasn’t looking forward to, but I guess it was a good experience. I’m not much of and impromptu, or face to face speaker, but if given ample time to prepare, I can pull it off it seems. I got a D on my first major speech, was not prepared at all. Being the first, and combined with the fact that it was on a topic that I didn’t really care about, plus putting things off to the last minute… yeah, I set myself up for that one. The first speech wasn’t weighted too much in the overall grade however, so it didn’t affect things too much. Second speech was on the types of clarinets and a demonstration on how to put one together. Pulled in a B on that one, a good improvement and the clarinet is an instrument I played for a while, so I kinda knew what I was doing. My best speech was my third, an informative speech, “What is a Wota?” Got an A on that one. Japanese music and culture is one of the few if only things I’m really passionate about, so it’s no wonder I found that to be a topic that I could easily talk about. The last speech wasn’t as good as the previous but I did alright. I was totally expecting to get a B in this class, but I pulled it off, even tho I feel as if I didn’t put in enough effort.

Spring 2009 (14)

A – PSY 100 – Intro Psychology
A – ENG 102 – Writing II
A – JPN 102 – Intro Japanese II
A – COM 181 – Public Speaking

Summer I 2008 (3)

A – MA 109 – Algebra

Summer II 2008 (3)

A – MA 123 – Calculus

Fall 2008 (19)

A – ENG 101 – Writing I
A – JPN 101 – Intro Japanese I
P – CIS 105 – Intro Computing
P – CIS 130 – Micro Applications
A – GEO 130 – Earth Science
A – STA 291 – Statistics