25 Random Things

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  1. I have a twin sister. A lot of people know that I guess, but some don’t. Oh, and I’m older (2mins).
  2. I’m 6’0” which is kinda tall when compared to the rest of my family. I’m pretty sure it comes from my mom’s side of the family.
  3. I’ve lived in 5 states. Minnesota (born), Wisconsin, New Mexico, Maryland and Kentucky.
  4. I don’t drink alcohol. I don’t drink coffee. I don’t drink tea.
  5. I’ve travelled out of the country twice. Once to Canada (Toronto), once to Sweden (Stockholm/Linchoping).
  6. I’ve got three tattoos. My sister and I partially celebrated our 18th birthday by getting them done. A dragon kanji on the back of my neck and the kanji for fire and water on my right shoulder. The dragon is meant to represent a protector of treasure, the treasure being me (lolwut); that and a sort of representation of my thick skin. The water would be my nonchalant go with the flow attitude while the fire is some unkindled passion I have yet to discover. I’d like to get a dragon to cover the whole of my back. Sometime soon maybe.
  7. I have horrible handwriting and I suck at spelling stuff. I also write my lowercase A’s as double-story, I think that’s what it’s called anyway. My English teacher in middle school did this occasionally and I thought it was cute. I’ve been using it ever since.
  8. I’m a good cook? I’d like to think so anyway. I’ve been cooking since I was 3, I think. I used to cook breakfast for myself and my sister before we went to school. I took a cooking class in high school and at one point had contemplated going to a culinary arts school. Nowadays, I don’t cook so much cause I’m kinda lazy as far as going out shopping &c. I do still enjoy it tho.
  9. I procrastinate way too much.
  10. I want kids. Actually, I think I have for a while, tho I’ve usually said that somewhat jokingly. I’ve got some issues, as most people do, but I think I’d be a good father. That said, I don’t think I’m a good uncle at the moment. Sure my nieces and nephews don’t live anywhere close or whatever, but still, gotta work on that.
  11. I’ve never missed a day of school. Might be because I never get sick. Which might be because I don’t want people to have to worry about me.
  12. The name Geoffrey comes from Geoffrey Chaucer. George was considered at one point I believe, but I think it was my mom that didn’t want another George Washington Williams (the third). I still have the same initials tho, GWW. I think I want to name my first son George Walker.
  13. I don’t read books. Actually, I can say that I’ve never read a book all the way through.
  14. I fail at remembering the names of songs, lyrics, movie titles, actors and actresses. I don’t know how to do the electric slide. Or is it, “I don’t want to know how to do the electric slide”, hmmm… I fail at a lot of pop culture stuff really.
  15. I rarely get stressed, mad, angry or the like. One thing that is annoying tho, is when people assume that I’ll get stressed, mad or angry when they tell me something. I can get a bit impatient sometimes, but that’s only with family I think. On that note, I’m an overall apathetic and emotionless person anyway; so if you ever do see me getting mad, maybe you should run :) . No, no, no… I’m not one of those people who will snap and go crazy or something.
  16. I love snow. I love weather in general. I used to watch The Weather Channel all day.
  17. I’m a Japanophile. I’m also a Wota. In some ways’ it’s not as bad as it sounds. In other ways, ya, it kinda is.
  18. Cheese. Don’t know if it was Wisconsin or what, but man I love me some cheese. I also love Chinese and Japanese food. Mmm, and nothing beats a good salad. What I don’t like is food with bones still in em. Chicken wings and legs come to mind. Generally don’t like fish, but I love sushi. I’m also not a big fan of bread.
  19. I absolutely adore cute stuff. “Hot” and “Sexy”, not so much.
  20. I got an award in elementary school for being best dressed or something like that. This has carried on throughout the years, I’ve always ‘dressed up’ I think.
  21. I’ve built a couple computers and am fairly computer savvy.
  22. I used to make and play music with keyboards, synthesizers and computer software. I was in the school and church choirs. I played the clarinet and bassoon in middle/high school marching and concert bands. I’m currently teaching myself to play the drums.
  23. I love learning about history and social studies, but I’m not good at remembering all of the stuff I’ve learned. I’m good at math, but I don’t like it. I can be a good writer, if I put the energy into it.
  24. Off and on, I’ve had relatively long, straightened and often dyed hair whilst growing up. Nowadays, I just keep it short.
  25. I’m pretty much an open book, but only if you ask the right questions. Otherwise, I’m quite content with just sitting back and observing the goings on around me.