Math is not Fun

So, I decided to take care of my math classes this summer just to get them out of the way. Initially I didn’t know what to expect after failing (56%) my placement test; but I ended up doing okay. Alright, a little better than okay. I finished up averaging greater than 100% in Algebra / Calculus, but I didn’t enjoy it. Continuing to take math classes would probably be an easy boost to my GPA, but I’m just not interested. Even my Calculus teacher had suggested that I look into getting a minor in Mathematics. Like I said tho, not interested. I want to do History, Economics or something else. Something that while I may not be the best at it, they’re subjects that I will more than likely enjoy learning about.

What’s next?

Before the Fall semester, there are about 4 exams for credit that I’m going to try. A bunch of computer/programming related stuff. I feel that even if I don’t fully know the material, I’m clever enough to wing it and at least pass.

I’m halfway looking forward to the Fall semester, and halfway not. I’ve never really did well in English before, so I am not looking forward to ENG 101. I think I can do well in the class tho, as long as I keep my procrastination in check. Statistical Method, of winch the Calculus class is a prerequisite, might be interesting. It’ll be a math-ish class, but more applied mathematics which could be fun.

On the other part of the Fall semester are Science and Japanese. Earth’s Physical Environment is a general science class that can lead up to Weather and Climate. I’ve always liked Metrology, weather watching &c, so I’m looking forward to this. And unlike math, science is a subject that I usually do well in and actually like. Japanese is of course what I’m most looking forward to. I’m not too confident that I’ll do well in the class, but I am confident that I’ll try and get the most out of it. I’ll be studying a bit for the next few weeks so that I can get a leg up for when classes start.

If my exams and Fall semester go well, I’m going to consider transferring to EKU earlier than the two years I had originally planned. I just need 24 credits and a 3.0 GPA to qualify for a couple of scholarships they have setup. I’m still considering UofL, but I think EKU is offering more of what I’m looking for. We’ll see. Hopefully with working part time and being in school full time, I won’t be overwhelmed. I’m going to try my best!