Four Years in Kentucky

I’ve been living and working in Kentucky for the past four years now. It’s been a great experience thus far and I hope to stick it out for a few more years.

While I have been living here for a good amount of time, I haven’t really experienced Kentucky all that much. Lexington in particular, being a college town, has a lot of stuff going on throughout the year. I need to get out more, heh. I’ve never really been motivated enough to do so. I think it’s about time to start being a bit more proactive in getting to a point of settling down, starting a family and all that jazz.

I’ve recently joined a Japanese culture and language group that meets periodically. Additionally, The University of Kentucky seems to have a good Japanese program and a couple of groups that seem interesting to me. With my work schedule lightning up a bit, I hope to check them and others out over the next few months.

And speaking of work, the reason I moved out here to Kentucky in the first place. I’m very glad that I’ve been able to gain a lot of experience in a field of work that I enjoy and meet a fine group of people. I’m very thankful for that.

Looking forward to the future!