Oh, Snow; How I Miss Thee

So we finally got some decent snow this winter here in Lexington. This got me thinking about how I miss all the snow that we used to get back in Maryland. Snow has been on the light side both here and there for a while now, so even a little helps.

I’ve always been fascinated by the weather and meteorology in general, but the snow has always been a major event for me. I remember spending hours just watching The Weather Channel. I’d get really pumped when a storm was on it’s way. Since moving out here to Kentucky however, there’s not much to get excited about.

Coupled with my love of snow, I’ve always been attracted to the cold weather. Born in Minnesota and living in Wisconsin for eight years after that, I’ve grown to be fairly acclimated to it. Some might say that I’m a little too okay with it.

Through winters past, I’ve always been out there in my choices of clothing. Shorts, short sleeves and jacketless were the norm for me. While these days I usually stick to pants, I’ll most likely be seen without a jacket unless it’s really windy.

I used to say that I don’t get cold, but now that I think of it, its more along the lines of being significantly more tolerant than others. At one point I remember visiting a doctor for allergies I believe; it was said that my inherent warmth may be related to some high histamine or some such.